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Sidekim Foods is a professional food service company specializing in healthy, from-scratch meals for your nutrition program. This way of thinking guides everything we do.

We opened in 2008 with a simple idea, an idea that has since become our Real Food philosophy.

All of our meals are prepared fresh daily using wholesome and nutritious ingredients. This commitment guides everything we do.

Peter Mikedis has centered his life around the joy and sense of community a good meal can bring. He became a chef at a young age, and went on to hold senior positions with various food service management firms throughout New England. Ever on the lookout for new horizons, Peter was keen to innovate using his passion for food. It was during his tenure as Chief Operating Officer for the largest Meals on Wheels provider in the Boston area that Sidekim Foods was first dreamed up. On February 4, 2008, that dream came to fruition.

In the beginning, Sidekim Foods served just 197 meals a day and consisted of only two employees. But with a determined spirit, Peter launched Sidekim to grow into one of the largest food service companies North of Boston. Today, Sidekim produces roughly 2,750,000 meals a year and employs a team of about 80 people from right here in the community where it all started.

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