Corporate & Social Responsibility

Good for the customer. Good for the community. Good for the environment.

Sidekim Foods is committed to using the freshest and most wholesome ingredients available in the marketplace. It is the very foundation of our Real Food philosophy. This is why we focus on supporting sustainable agriculture and using locally grown products whenever possible. We specify that our distributors contract locally for produce and dairy — like the sourcing of Artificial Growth Hormone Free Dairy products — thereby supporting the local agricultural community while reducing the consumption of fuel and CO2 emissions.

To give you the confidence that our products and goods have been handled safely from farm to table, we ensure that our manufacturing and distribution vendors are:

  • USDA compliant with a documented HACCP plan in place
  • Certified in either American Sanitation Institute (ASI) or American Institute of Baking (AIB)

We also focus on sustainability, recycling, and the use of biodegradable materials in our facility. We are passionately committed to using products that do not harm our environment.

Sidekim Foods supports the local economy and the people of Lynn, Massachusetts. Each summer through the City of Lynn’s youth program, we employ high school students to provide them with an opportunity to develop job skills and gain work experience. As an advocate of physical wellness and community engagement, Sidekim Foods supports local athletic programs, donates to local charities and volunteers at area food pantries.

Sidekim Foods is a member of the Lynn Area Chamber of Commerce (LACC) and the Greater Boston Manufacturing Partnership (GBMP).

Serving up opportunity

We want our employees to succeed—not just here, but in all their future endeavors. That’s why we pay our employees to earn their ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) certification right here at Sidekim Foods

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