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At Sidekim Foods, we know that fresh food is not only better for you, but also tastes better. We positively impact a wide range of people, whether it be daycares, schools, or senior centers with quality, fresh food! Sidekim Foods continuously evaluates our menus to adapt to the diverse and ever-changing taste profiles of our customers.

One Meal Can Make a Difference, and That’s What We Strive to Do Every Day!


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Our Services

School Nutrition

Our school food service is based on this simple notion: Eat Smart. Be Smart.

Senior Nutrition

At Sidekim Foods, we go beyond serving meals to positively impact the lives of the seniors that we serve.

Child Nutrition

We are committed to providing children with nutritious meals that help establish healthy eating habits from the start

Pre-Packaged Meals

Sidekim Foods takes pride in providing a pre-packaged meal that is fresh and tastes great using high quality ingredients


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